MGKK Musikgymnasium
Käthe Kollwitz

Our guest from Washington State

erstellt von Beau Gibson am 22.09.2019

Hello, I am Beau, I am from Washington State. I live in a small town called Walla Walla, it lies in the southeastern corner of Washington. My town is known for its Wine, Sweet onions and its excellent colleges throughout the states. The State of Washington is mostly known for its Tech Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Nintendo of America. It is also known for its 90s Grunge music like Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Peral Jam and its beautiful nature. I have come to Germany because I have German ancestry and Germany
has a very interesting culture. I like learning about History, Geography, politics, and culture. I also play guitar a little bit and listen to lots of Music. Thank you for accepting me into your school and I hope I will have a wonderful year at MGKK.

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